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The geometry of innocent flesh on the bone

 Exhibited June 2013, Sound to Light, Crossing Borders – collaboration with Heath Brown, Salamanca Arts Centre, Dark Mofo arts festival Tasmania. Curated by Jason James and Chris Norman.
Bones, servo motors, wood, electronics, sound, wires, MIDI & computer. Dimensions variable. The stand with bones & motors is 60cm x 90cm x 90cm tall

A robotic sound installation comprised of an animal-like table of bones with servo motors attached to the bones. The movement of the motors is controlled by a streaming sound composition sent from a computer. The sound of the motors is fed back into a computer then manipulated and amplified. Electronics by Mirza Ceyzar. Video footage by Fred & Hannah. Photos by Fred & Hannah and Jaclyn Rogerson for Aphra Magazine.






Video produced by Sound to Light; Edited by Angus Ashton; Music by Chiara Kick Drum; Stills & Video by Fred & Hannah (Hobart) & Oscar Raby (Melb)